FAQ List

What is a fat quarter?
How many fat quarters do I need to purchase for 1 metre of fabric?
Will my fabric be sent in one whole piece?
How wide is the quilting fabric?
How do I order the quantity of fabric that I require?
What types of fabric do you stock?
How much is your fabric per metre?
How can I find out the size of the pattern on the fabric?
Can I use Quilting fabric for making clothes?
Is Quilting fabric 100% cotton?
What is the postage cost for my order?
Are you able to send my order by express post?
What is your return policy?
What Forms of payment do you accept?
With the minimum fabric purchase quantity, will I receive 0.25 metre or a fat quarter?
How long does it take to process my order?
Do you ship internationally?
Do you have the fabric in stock?
How will my order be sent?
Where are you located?
Do you have a shop I can visit?